Saturday, July 10, 2010

Black 2 White Skin Whitening Cream

Black 2 White Skin Whitening Cream

100Infinity % Effective

The name it self implies

Black 2 White (Skin Whitening Cream)

Coming 2 the point:-

We don’t want to irritate by explaining with examples

We don’t want to make you understand and motivate how it works.

Just we wanna say “You are going to Miss it, if you don’t use it“

We swear it works and if not we promise “Money Back Guarantee” by twice the amount you spent.

And we don’t want to discuss more on this it’s your call now to take a decision.

How to Use Black 2 White Skin Whitening Cream

Start off by washing your face with soap or face wash. Apply it on to your face and neck, Next you should massage the cream in circular movements wherever the cream is applied. All this process is done before you go to bed.

This cream can be used once or twice daily once in the morning (if exposure to sunlight is avoided) and once before bedtime.


Black 2 White Skin Whitening Cream- 50g – 500.00

Black 2 White Skin Whitening Cream- 75g – 700.00

Black 2 White Skin Whitening Cream- 100g – 900.00

Courier Charges : 100.00 Rs With in India

Payment Mode : Online Transfer, Bank Transfer, Demand Draft, Money Order, Money Gram & Western Union Money Transfer etc....

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  1. helo m Indian n mine skin is black in color ..n coz of it i faced n still facing so much rudeness n someone ditched me only 4 ma skin ..i really want to prove him tat m also be a beautiful one day......tats y i want to use dis

  2. nice......but no description of ur m.f ll buy this

  3. ranu...u don believe rhis first